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  • Archeage PvP review >

    I look at the different ways you can take part in PvP in Archeage Read More
  • Archeage Review >

    Finally, the full review of Archeage is here! Read More
  • Nine thing you need to know about ArcheAge >

    ArcheAge is the new MMO from Trion Worlds.  Here are nine things you should know about ArcheAge: Read More
  • Playing Final Fantasy XIV >

    Palmer and Vilhelm take a look at Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the new MMO. We look at quests, Read More
  • Final Fantasy XIV first impressions >

    An early look at the Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) MMO. This is the new version of Final Fantasy Read More
  • Everquest Next preview >

    Vilhelm and Palmer look at Everquest Next, the new sandbox MMO from Sony Online Entertainment. They discuss the classes, gameplay, Read More
  • Superhero movies - the best and the worst >

    Vilhelm and Palmer take a look at superhero movies - the best and the worst of all time. Read More
  • Archeage: The webcast >

    Vilhelm and Palmer investigate Archeage, the sandbox MMO set to be published in North America and Europe by Trion Worlds. Read More
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